Monday, November 16, 2009

I never Keep Up with these things...

I never remember to keep up with this, but I will try harder. Just so busy with the new baby in my life sooooo bear with me :3

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been a busy panda! Some of these are sold in Panda-Spike also owned by me, just my darker collaborated side.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I have been SUPER busy lately! Here are the pictures of new items in the store's!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This short sexy dress comes in 6 deadly colors!

Everything is included in this oh so tasty outfit! I even hand drew the kawaii Cotton Candy character!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Tear Me Apart

See every thing me and my Sissy is wearing ? Well it comes with all that and more!*not skin shape nor hair* So much for such a small price it's crazy! I promise you will fall in love with this outfit no mater how you wear it!

Total Tart

A lil heart on your bum isn't so bad :3 Total Tar includes top,pants, all prims, braclets

Friday, May 1, 2009

Riding The Dragon

This cyber asian inspired outfit comes in 4 colors. Including: top, bottom, brace cuffs, upper arm glove laces. I have a promotion for it on SLX for a few days only for a unbeatable price don't miss out!

Sweet To Eat

All 3 bikinis are included in this set! includes short shorts as well! Enhanced with sculpted bikini tie strings!

Death To All

Death to all comes in 7 colors: Black,Blue,Brown,Green,Pink,Purple,Red
Includes in all layers : Bikini top, Bikini bottom, Shorts, Socks, as well as resize scripted prim skirt
Realistic shadowing added to not give that "flat" look.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Tip Me over and Pour me out!

Tip me over and Pour me out... (( was half asleep when making ad hence the name mess up ))

ANY WHO! This over sized tea party is great for adding those special pose balls you have already collected so many of.. and I know you have * wink *

Comes in 2 sizes Large and Smaller In the ad I am sitting on the smaller version. Want a different color!? NO PROBLEM! Simply touch the pot and you have 10 bright fun colors to choose from!

All adorned with Sugar cubes, spoon and star steam!

15 prims only!

Electric Kitten / T-virus Warning Skirts

3 skirts that are so detailed it's unreal! I absolutely assure you the pictures do no justice for it! Stand out in a crowd no matter where you are with this sure to tease skirt!

ALL 3 come with this offer can't beat that!
Your urban goddess / bio-hazard side will shine in this uber teasing skirt! The detail in it is CRAZY! So crazy I couldn't fit it all in one ad!


Anika Shape

This shape is one of the VERY few end all must have shapes!? Why? Let me give you a list:

♥ Tested in MORE then one skin in fact 12+ to make sure you look great no matter what!

♥Tested with out a face light and with no shadow wanted flaws here! Don't have windlight? Who cares you will still look good!

♥Fits absolutely PERFECT with any of my other Panda Express Items!

♥I offer a demo! That's right! Know what you're getting BEFORE you pay for it! **demo is offered in world only! ** The hands and feet are big on demo only!

CLICK [url=] HERE [/url] TO VIST US! @ Cuppycakeums!

Heart Shrugs Kawaii tanks and Rainbow Minis

I have a whole collection of outfits for you to pick and choose from that all correspond and match each other! From the skirts to the tanks to the hoodie shrugs! Skirts are scripted with resizers so are sure they will fit you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This summer inspired outfit comes in all 6 fun colors! Have fun mixing and matching! Tops and bottoms all included! Who wheres short shorts!? YOU WILL!

I have made A cute lil prefab that comes in its own environment! Must see to fall in love! Vist Cuppycakeums to see the complete Ad. Kid tested mother approved