Friday, April 10, 2009

Tip Me over and Pour me out!

Tip me over and Pour me out... (( was half asleep when making ad hence the name mess up ))

ANY WHO! This over sized tea party is great for adding those special pose balls you have already collected so many of.. and I know you have * wink *

Comes in 2 sizes Large and Smaller In the ad I am sitting on the smaller version. Want a different color!? NO PROBLEM! Simply touch the pot and you have 10 bright fun colors to choose from!

All adorned with Sugar cubes, spoon and star steam!

15 prims only!

Electric Kitten / T-virus Warning Skirts

3 skirts that are so detailed it's unreal! I absolutely assure you the pictures do no justice for it! Stand out in a crowd no matter where you are with this sure to tease skirt!

ALL 3 come with this offer can't beat that!
Your urban goddess / bio-hazard side will shine in this uber teasing skirt! The detail in it is CRAZY! So crazy I couldn't fit it all in one ad!


Anika Shape

This shape is one of the VERY few end all must have shapes!? Why? Let me give you a list:

♥ Tested in MORE then one skin in fact 12+ to make sure you look great no matter what!

♥Tested with out a face light and with no shadow wanted flaws here! Don't have windlight? Who cares you will still look good!

♥Fits absolutely PERFECT with any of my other Panda Express Items!

♥I offer a demo! That's right! Know what you're getting BEFORE you pay for it! **demo is offered in world only! ** The hands and feet are big on demo only!

CLICK [url=] HERE [/url] TO VIST US! @ Cuppycakeums!

Heart Shrugs Kawaii tanks and Rainbow Minis

I have a whole collection of outfits for you to pick and choose from that all correspond and match each other! From the skirts to the tanks to the hoodie shrugs! Skirts are scripted with resizers so are sure they will fit you!