Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Scream

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for ICE CREAM! This is another whole collection outfit. With hoodie, skirt, legwarmers and socks! You will look so edible in this that you have your own spoon! All the art used in this piece to include the kawaii icecream cartoon character is copyrighted by me as it was made and drawn by me. So you know for sure you're getting a piece thats 100% original!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Keep In Check

This out fit is packed full of prim and sculpted mixtures, to give it that more real look. Get TONS of compliments when you wear it!

Included items are:
Prim pockets
Leg warmers
YES! ALL this a whole ENTIRE outfit! for only 500L!

Colors to choose from are :

Just in time for the holidays! A skirt to blow your mind! Loaded with details I was unable to capture in the AD. However you can see it in world in Towaru, on my living mannequin! The shirt I have on this picture is not up for sale how ever if you mention you want it and saw this BLOG... it's yours for free! Yea, I'm in the gift of giving! This is a limited time skirt thats featured in the Harajuku Box Bazaar. And even though it's limited it's still only 125 L available also on Xstreet SL formerly known as SL Exchange.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My last blog talked about how I built a set of skirts to match the legwarmers I got ( not the ones in the picture *giggles* ). Well here they are the By the Stars collection. Only 125 L this is ULTRA short! If you have bought any of my other skirts.. its like HALF that length! Though it gives the perfect chance to show off them cute panties you love! Four colors to choose from and sculpted stars are used on the belts. Enjoy being super cute!

CupCake Tiara

So I have been on this uber cute trip, what started out with my buying a pair of leg warmers ended up with me realizing I had nothing to wear with them other then jeans, so thats when a set of skirts was made, then I was upset cause I needed something uber cute on my head! Inspired by the love of my life whom I adoringly nicknamed Cuppycake, the cupcake tiara was born! In chocolate and vanilla. A set of 5 super yummy frosting flavors! Only 150L per set! I promise as always my pictures never do them justice, they have lil sculpted stars on them and lil cherry hearts! Be YUMMY!

Tommrow Skin

The Tomorrow skin is filled with great color. The eyes have a peacock feather effect to them where as the lips are full and pink with a subtle heart in the middle of the lips to give that " oh so kissable " effect as with the other skins its 350L and the demo is avaible

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


New Skins Copy only 350L each

Map: towaru for all of them

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fook Mi

FOOK MI Collection is a half top hoodie with scupted sleeves and a prim hood. Prims are copy mod with jacket and shirt layers copy only. Comes in :
To Death
Cuppy Cake

The Abs You Always Wanted

Ever want a more athletic or in shape body? Got a WONDERFUL skin and cant bring your self to buy another JUST for better abs ? Well now you dont have to! These abs come TINTABLE! to almost match any color skin you have! EVERY Layer included! The jacket layer comes with top and bottom acting as both layers!
300 L$ Sold In Main Store
map: Towaru

Friday, July 4, 2008

How I Heart Thee...

How I heart thee collection. Large bow in the back, detailed metal hearts on the front and belts on the side. 100L each. VERY cute!
comes in:
How I heart thee..
Skool Daze
and more!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Death By...

The New Death By : Series is more punk style then the others I have made. So far it comes in PVC,Rags, and Pinstripe. More is to come but I am only one person, I also have a new style Im working on thats more .. " scene-ster" Still working on the weapons and loads more.. so much so I can't keep up with that I am doing. Also all the prices have been dropped! Skirts are only 100$L
♥ Kioko Kumaki Panda

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pink Deca-Dance

When I had this dress in mind I wanted it to be super cute and pink..sorta cupcake tutu like.. I hope I pulled that off. Almost every thing is included in the picture, except the shoes where you can find at DMMDI in pink marshmellow. Next creation.. believe it or not I have made a melee weapon for combate sims such as CCS and DCS.. * smirks * wait till you see these... nothing cute about them but deadly SOB's

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uni-Sex Skirts

I find men in skirts to be H.O.T! So I made some new ones for not only girls .. but also a style for men in mind. The Dirty Rising Sun come with a rising sun panel in the front AND back both longer, and made to sit right on the waist for men. The Pinstripe one also has the longer panel in the front.. but ass less in the back .. so no puffy butt look. Also I made the men's in mind of wearing pants underneath, but hey that options up to you *winks!*.
I also made them in matching pairs so now you and your mate .. ( like me and mine ) can wear matching outfits!
I have them sold separately at 200L each! But tell me you saw this blog and I'll give you a 50L discount!
Models Suomy Voom ( my partner )& Kioko Kumaki ( me )
((note: I have been told my pictures do my skirts no justice, so I think thats a good thing.. Guess I just take crap pictures aye ? ))

Saturday, March 15, 2008

School Girl Gone Plaid

So, I have been banging my head for what seems like weeks now to think of a new outfit. I think I had something like .. writers block. How ever, here it is School Girl Gone Plaid (( yus ..a pun )).
Comes in 3 different colors: blue, orange and green.