Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pink Deca-Dance

When I had this dress in mind I wanted it to be super cute and pink..sorta cupcake tutu like.. I hope I pulled that off. Almost every thing is included in the picture, except the shoes where you can find at DMMDI in pink marshmellow. Next creation.. believe it or not I have made a melee weapon for combate sims such as CCS and DCS.. * smirks * wait till you see these... nothing cute about them but deadly SOB's

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Uni-Sex Skirts

I find men in skirts to be H.O.T! So I made some new ones for not only girls .. but also a style for men in mind. The Dirty Rising Sun come with a rising sun panel in the front AND back both longer, and made to sit right on the waist for men. The Pinstripe one also has the longer panel in the front.. but ass less in the back .. so no puffy butt look. Also I made the men's in mind of wearing pants underneath, but hey that options up to you *winks!*.
I also made them in matching pairs so now you and your mate .. ( like me and mine ) can wear matching outfits!
I have them sold separately at 200L each! But tell me you saw this blog and I'll give you a 50L discount!
Models Suomy Voom ( my partner )& Kioko Kumaki ( me )
((note: I have been told my pictures do my skirts no justice, so I think thats a good thing.. Guess I just take crap pictures aye ? ))