Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things are CH-CH-CHanging.

So, if you havn't noticed I am HORRIBLE at updating this. But I have made a promise to not only my self but to my customers that I will do my best to keep up with this. So what has changed besides new products ?

1. Panda-Spike has now merged with Panda Express
2. New store look and layout
3. Mall got a face lift
4. New Logo
5. Cuppycakeums name is changed to NeverWhere
6. The lower half of the sim is turning into RP.
7. Panda Express VIP group -- you want this!!!

My Profile gives a hint of what the RP is about but the LAND it's self is STRICTLY PROHIBITED! I will ask you to leave nicely once, after that I eject, and if you are a repeat offender your banned till it's opened. Why so harsh you ask? Because I am EXTREMELY busy and I need every moment I am down there to work and not be bothered.

I have also gotten a new Customer Service Rep, please see my profile in world and give all your questions to her. I beg that if you have a Flickr you add me please.

Now for the updates: I have Added a TON to the store and really I am can't post them all in this blog BUT I will post the last one I did.

Exposed-Gore comes in clean gore and goretastic all layers both tops all sets for only 200$L

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